July 28

Of all things that are, nothing is forbidden and nothing is contrary to God but one thing only: that is, self-will, or to will otherwise than as the Eternal Will would have it.
   – Theologia Germanica

All spiritual progress requires the sacrifice of self-will. Since most of us have rather large amounts of self-will, we cannot expect to get rid of it overnight. Those who are terribly eager may expect to load all their selfishness in one big truck and in one grand gesture cart it all to the dump. Unfortunately, there is no truck big enough, and even if there were, we would not have the strength to get all our self-will into it.

The safest and simplest method is to cart off a little bit of selfishness every day, day after day, year after year. A thousand and one little acts of thoughtfulness displace a monstrous load. One day we find to our great surprise that all our separateness has vacated the premises. Then we will see that the “sacrifice” was no sacrifice at all. We have lost nothing, but have gained everything.