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    “Nothing can be more important than being able to choose the way we think.”









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The Timeless Wisdom of Eknath Easwaran

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Thought for the Day

July 5

You are quaffing drink from a hundred fountains: whenever any of these hundred yields less, your pleasure is diminished. But when the sublime fountain gushes from within you, no longer need you steal from the other fountains.
   – Jalaluddin Rumi

Often we are most vulnerable during moments of transition. For example, you have wrapped up one assignment and it is time to look over the next. Or you’ve turned the last page of your novel and it is time to go to bed. Whatever the transition, for a pivotal moment the mind has nothing to hold on to, and in its insecurity it may suggest all kinds of things: a cigarette, an extra piece of pie, a magazine promising the lowdown on your favorite actor’s private life. Suddenly any of these can seem fraught with urgency.

Here the mantram can rescue you. If you start repeating it the moment you complete one activity, and do not drop it until the time comes for you to give complete attention to the next job at hand, your will gets a needed boost. A short, fast walk repeating the mantram can be more refreshing than all manner of “treats.” Once you are absorbed again, you are home free.

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