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Video Clip: The Evolution of the Human Personality (11 minutes) Easwaran gives a dynamic and hopeful explanation of what the Bhagavad Gita calls the gunas - three bonds that can tie us down, he says, to separateness, loneliness, and other problems. . . . more

Thought for the Day

August 28

It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.
   – Saint Francis of Assisi

There are times when past mistakes swim into our vision and do their best to consume us in guilt or regret. At such times it is essential to turn all our attention outwards, away from ourselves.

Analyzing our mistakes and developing a guilt complex benefits no one. If, when you were in Milwaukee, you happened to say something insulting about your girlfriend’s dog, it is not necessary to go to Milwaukee and find your old girlfriend or her dog and make amends. Every dog you treat with kindness will be a proxy for that dog. In this way, if you have treated a particular person badly, even if you can no longer win that person’s forgiveness, you can still win the forgiveness of yourself, of the Lord of Love within, by bearing with people who treat you badly and doing your best not to treat anyone badly again. Whatever we have done, we can make amends for it without looking back in guilt or sorrow.

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