Eknath Easwaran

“This is the central principle of meditation: we become what we meditate on.”
– Eknath Easwaran

The Timeless Wisdom of Eknath Easwaran

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Thought for the Day

November 30

O Lord, how entirely needful is thy grace for me, to begin any good work, to go on with it, and to accomplish it. For without that grace I can do nothing; but in thee I can do all things when thy grace doth strengthen me.
   – Thomas a Kempis

One way of representing God is with a holy hammer in his pocket. When he finds we are being irresponsible, when he sees us going in the wrong direction, he takes out this little hammer and gives us a gentle rap on the knuckles. If we are really good students we shall be able to learn with just this one small rap. There are a few rare creatures who have this capacity to learn. Most of us, however, would not be able to change our ways if the only guidance the Lord gave us was, “Won’t you please consider this very carefully and act upon it if you approve?” The vast majority of us go on making the same mistake over and over again. It is only when the raps become painful that we bother to ask where they come from and how we can put an end to them. We have to be shocked into awareness that we are injuring ourselves and others. Then, through all the little decisions we make day in and day out, we have to work to transform our sorrow-producing habits into acts that lead to increasing joy.

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Eknath Easwaran

Our hearts are full of sadness following the recent tragedies in Paris, France, and in Beirut, Lebanon. We want to share with you Easwaran's response to such acts of violence.

“I keep in close touch with what happens in the world. And there are times when I feel deeply grieved by the suffering I read about, and wonder why life has to be this way. But I never despair. At those times I go deep, deep into meditation until I reach the very source of love and wisdom that exists in each of us.

“So what I would tell all of you is this: meditate every day, throw yourself into some form of selfless work, and use your sense of suffering to relieve the suffering of others. It is a wonderful gift to be able to give.”

– Eknath Easwaran, Spring 2015 Journal