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    “This is the central principle of meditation: we become what we meditate on.”









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Thought for the Day

September 30

Love makes everything that is heavy light.
   – Thomas a Kempis

It is love that teaches us our real stature and reveals the heroism we never thought we possessed. The renunciation that might be well-nigh impossible in a vacuum can be blessedly simple when someone we love stands to gain. Turning down a second glass of wine might take some doing in ordinary circumstances, for example; but when you’re in the company of an impressionable teenager, you’ll gladly set it aside.

Suppose you’re tempted to add to your collection of antique fire screens: hard to resist, maybe, if your aim is solely to reduce your own acquisitiveness. But if the money you save can be spent on a tent for family camping trips, it can be a breeze. You feel so good inside! A knack for quiet self-sacrifice is the very life and soul of friendship. Reducing self-will needn’t be a joyless deprivation – it can be so many little acts of love, performed over and over throughout the day.

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