Video Clips from DVD 1

More than 80 of Easwaran's recorded talks can be purchased as video downloads and on DVD. Many can be previewed on this page, and many are accompanied by a detailed study guide with summaries of the talks, follow-up exercises, and a glossary of unfamiliar terms. (The study guides have been used by many BMCM Satsangs to enrich their sessions.)

These talks cover a wide range of mystics, traditions, and historical contexts. Through St. Thérèse, Easwaran introduces us to the “divine core of romance;” through Kabir, he shows us how to discover a more meaningful life by transforming our desires; through St. Francis, he offers practical insights on becoming “an instrument of peace” in our daily lives.

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Video of the Month Series

This series was previously sold as DVDs 1–36. If you already own any of the original DVDs, please note that the content is the same except that subtitles have been added to most talks.

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Individual Videos

  • Many of the talks can be downloaded here for $4.95 each. In time, all talks will be available as downloads.

  • The talks can be purchased as individual DVDs here for $13.95 plus postage. Each DVD consists of two half-hour talks or one one-hour talk.

Kabir Stages of Desire DVD01

Desire: Our Real Wealth

Meeting the Beloved

Saint Francis Becoming an Instrument of Peace DVD02

In Giving We Receive

Instrument of Peace

Saint Therese: Finding the Divine Core of Romance DVD03

Living Force of Love

Love at Its Highest

The Mystic Vision DVD04

Only God I Saw

A New Year’s Message

The Supreme Ambition DVD05

Climbing the Peaks of the Spirit

Changing Ourselves to Change the World

From Negative to Positive DVD06

Ten Aids to Meditation

Changing Attitudes from Negative to Positive

Real-Life Stories of Transcendence DVD07

The True Spirit of Worship

The Art of Union with Reality

What Is Life For? DVD08

The Face Behind All Faces

What is Life For

The Noblest Life DVD09

The Life of the Buddha (one full-hour talk)

Encouragement from the Buddha DVD10

Swimming Against the Current

Intimations of Immortality

Patience Attains the Goal DVD11

Putting Meditation First

Lessons in Patience

Using the Mantram to Transform Anger DVD12

The Thousand Names of God

The Fragrance of Forgiveness

Finding Immortality Within DVD13

The City of Brahman

Learning to Live in Unity DVD14

The Dance of Life

The Perennial Philosophy

Great Christian Mystics DVD15

Saint Anselm: Teach Me to Seek Thee

The Art of Prayer

Christian Mystics East and West DVD16

The Divine Ascent

The Fruits of Meditation

The Transforming Power of Prayer DVD17

To Love Is to Know Is to Act

Gandhi, Man of God

The Spiritual Adventure DVD18

Exploring Inner Space

Four Stages of Spiritual Growth

Facing Life's Toughest Challenges DVD19

Courage and Gentleness

Death and Immortality

The Gita's Divine Vision DVD20

The Source of Inner Peace

Remembering God Everywhere

The Buddha on Life and Nirvana DVD21

The Stages of Life

The Other Shore

Meditation and the Mantram DVD22

Instructions in Meditation from the Gita

A Remedy for Every Ill

Self-Mastery DVD23

Raja Yoga: The Path to Self-Mastery

Self-Will and Freedom

When the Mind Is Still DVD24

Part One

Part Two

Become Absorbed in Meditation DVD25

Become Absorbed in Meditation

Courage, Confidence, & Compassion

Changing the Thinking Process DVD26

Changing the Thinking Process

The Space Between Thoughts

Getting Free from Negative Thinking DVD27

Getting Free from Negative Thinking

Transforming Anger into Kindness

Breaking Chains DVD28

Breaking Chains

Fetters & Freedom

Inner Freedom and Beauty DVD29

Finding Unity in Personal Relationships

Inner Freedom and Beauty

The Spiritual Fight DVD30

The Spiritual Fight

Seeing Life Clearly

Go Beyond the World of Fragments DVD31

Go Beyond the World of Fragments

Preparing for Life's Finals

Ease and Dis-ease DVD32

Ease and Dis-ease

Charles the Cat

Patience and Beauty DVD33

Patience and Beauty

The Climax of Spiritual Evolution

Make Your Life a Gift DVD34

Make Your Life a Gift

Building Security

Tips for Deepening Meditation DVD35

Tips for Deepening Meditation

The Spiritual Victory

The Enlightened Ones DVD36

The Enlightened Ones

The Glory of the Earth

Finding Balance in a Hurried World DVD37

The Famine of Time

Stress and Self-Will

A Higher Image DVD38

Give and Forgive

Stages of Meditation

Love Alters Not DVD39

Love Alters Not

The Hound of Heaven

The Bhagavad Gita as a Manual for Transformation DVD40

My First Copy of the Gita

Favorite Verses from the Gita

Wisdom of the Buddha DVD41

The Obstacles to Meditation

Aids to Meditation

Universal Wisdom of the Great Mystics DVD42

The River of God

The City of God